From one website to dozens of screens

The tourist marketing agency Zo Groningen uses our digital signage system. In addition to the fact that our digital signage plugin is easy to operate, they only have to enter their content once to show it on the website and on multiple television screens in the southeast Groningen region. That’s not all! Because all content is integrated in one place, she can also switch quickly. Texts and images can be deleted and adjusted just as quickly as they can be distributed.


The southeast Groningen region is divided into three areas:

• Westerwolde

• Oldambt

• Veenkoloniën

Categories ensure that the message has the right color, is placed in the right place on the website and on which Digital Signage channel the message is shown.

The marketing agency’s mission is to promote the areas separately to as many people as possible in the Netherlands.


This region has red as its corporate identity color


This region has green as its corporate identity color


This region has brown as its corporate identity color

How does Zo Groningen easily use our narrowcasting system?

Various partners have a television screen on which information is shown, such as events taking place in the region. The marketing agency works closely with municipalities and Vesting Bourtange. More than a hundred thousand visitors visit the town halls and the information center of the fortress every year. Ideal places to reach many people. And that with just one action!

All information that Zo Groningen publishes is easily and quickly placed on their WordPress website. Using our plugin, they can transmit this content directly to all television screens in the region. Even if they are at a trade fair and bring screens with them, they do not have to make a separate trade fair presentation.

Personalize and reuse sliders

The events that Zo Groningen shows in WPScreens are provided with an expiration date per area and she chooses the corporate identity color. Once the date has passed, the event will no longer be shown on the website and on the screen. The system automatically sets this item to draft in the backend of the website. All events and other information can be reused at a later time. WPScreens takes a lot of work off your hands for Zo Groningen. Previously, she had to publish all content for the three different areas on multiple channels separately. With our digital signage system, content only needs to be entered once to display it on multiple channels. They can now also easily distribute their content via Instagram.

Tools used:

• WPScreens
• WordPress
• Custom fields (or ACF Pro for more options)
• Smart Slider (or Depicter)
• PublishPress Future plugin

With  Dynamic content (and the use of Custom Fields) made for ZO Groningen you can publish customized content.

Custom Fields are a standard feature of WordPress that allow you to quickly and easily create additional input fields whose dynamic content can easily be included in your presentation.

If the post has expired, the post can be automatically saved as a draft for Future use.

Are you curious about what WPScreens can do for your company?

Activate our plugin in ‘plugins’ in your WordPress website or contact us.