About Us

WPScreens started thanks to a bug

WPScreens started as a test case. This test version has now grown into a complete Digital Singage system for WordPress with unprecedented possibilities.

A few years ago, a customer asked us via Mieters Media, the company behind WPScreens, whether the services on his website could also be shown on a TV screen in the waiting room. Of course that was possible. A beautiful presentation was created in a short time that worked well, or so we thought. After the presentation appeared on the screen, it stopped after a few minutes. That happened not once, but several times. Because we were unable to get the presentation working and there was no good system available for WordPress websites, we decided to create our own Digital Signage system: the WPScreens plugin.

Never rely on just one case

The customer was the test case. The plugin was installed with high hopes. We soon discovered that this system unfortunately did not work either. With this customer. Never rely on just one case. As it turned out, the WPScreens plugin did work for other customers! Not only in the Netherlands, but also internationally.

After investigation we discovered the cause. The WiFi in the waiting room had a timer set so that the internet was interrupted every 5 minutes. They wanted to prevent the neighbors from being able to make unlimited use of their WiFi. By adjusting the settings, we were still able to meet customer demand. Above all, there is now a fantastic product on the market that companies worldwide can use!

Who is WPScreens?

Basically we develop websites. We take a practical view to publish things efficiently. We use different techniques for this, often different from what they were actually developed for. With this method we are able to make websites with hundreds of pages easy and modular to manage.


The helpdesk is one of our favorite parts. We like to take on the challenge of answering questions so simply as possible. WPScreens is not complicated. It is a plugin that anyone can work with. This is also evident from the many positive reactions. These satisfied customers make our day. Even if WPScreens does not immediately seem to work as the customer wishes, we are always able to offer a practical solution.

Digital Signage for WordPress

WPScreens runs in WordPress, which makes this plugin extremely strong in publishing dynamic content. This gives it an advantage over other systems that do not run in WordPress. You manage your website and TV presentation from one system. Very practical and time-saving. Combining these dynamic options within WordPress makes WPScreens a powerful solution for various Digital Signage questions.

Do you want to publish content in a way that even WPScreens seems unable to do? Experience shows that nothing is impossible. Feel free to ask us your question! 😁