Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cast using my mobile device?

Absolutely! You can cast from your (android) phone or (apple or android) tablet.

Why doesn’t WPScreens come with a own slider?

Using WPScreens means you use the best sliders on the market. The self-developed sliders other narrowcasting systems use really don’t match the quality of these top sliders. Each individual slider also has its own advantages. Download a free or a paid-for slider offering the functions you require. With WPScreens you’ll have a competitively priced narrowcasting system that suits your requirements best.

What size of screen do I need?

Any size of screen will suffice, even the one you have! Portrait or landscape, no problem.

The url of my display results in a 404-page

Go to Settings (of Wordpress backend); Permalinks; click on 'save changes' button

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

WPScreens runs in tandem with your WordPress website. The theme and WPScreens do not influence each other. The content is available to both systems.

How to activate my license?

Yesss, you bought WPScreens Pro! Thanx for that.
You can activate you license in the Wordpress backend. Go to Setting; WPScreens. Add your licence-key and from now on all pro-features are available in the WPScreens plugin.

How to create a new license key?

Login to ‘my account’ at the wpscreens website

Go to the menu-item ‘orders’ and click on the ‘license manage’ button.
Delete the current license key and generate a new license key.

Activate the license key at your website:
In your Wordpress backend go to: Settings; Wp Screens and activate the license key.