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Instore marketing

If you want your clients to make more purchases, ensure you offer your products or services at the right moment. Tempt your clients by using WPScreens!

WPScreens will also boost the element of fun and pleasure of visiting your shop. Clients will stay longer, making it easier to tempt them with that impulse buy. You don’t need to be a technician or designer to create screens; you can display your own creations in an instance.


The advantages of WPScreens

  • Inform clients about your products and services
  • Attractive presentation of current special offers
  • Display (adjustable) opening times and availability


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Generate interest

Waiting room

Are people required to wait on your premises? WPScreens can entertain your clients/visitors with fun and appealing content. It also presents a unique opportunity to sell more of your goods or services.


A waiting room is an ideal location for displaying the kind of information that you would really like your clients to view. Highlight your message! If you wish to inform, entertain, convince or prompt people into action, then this is the critical moment to connect visitors with your enterprise. How you do that is up to you! Thanks to WPScreens it has never been easier.

The advantages of WPScreens

  • Distracts from waiting
  • Brings products/services to attention
  • Creates additional sales moments

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Sell more often with Digital Signage

Outdoor selling

Striking content, presented on an advertising column or in the shop window, not only attracts additional customers, it also increases sales. WPScreens turns your outdoor selling opportunity into an instore success!

Tuning in to a current situation? Do you have any new products to showcase? Would you like to highlight some of your fantastic offers? Use WPScreens to run your screens on an array of devices simultaneously. Do you wish to (partially) show different content on a screen? No problem! You decide what you want to do!

The advantages of WPScreens

  • Communicate directly with your public using your own content
  • Increase your visibility
  • Turn passers-by into customers

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