Custom Posts for Digital Signage

Dynamic Content Tutorial

Create your own easy to use Digital Signage System with Dynamic Content / Dynamic Posts.
Use WordPress and WP Screens in combination with Smart Slider 3.


Manage dynamic content

The content of the dynamic posts is managed at ‘posts’ in your WordPress environment.
At ‘posts’ you can add or manage posts and manage text and images for each post.


You can add categories to filter the posts at Smart Slider.

Manage the Settings for the Dynamic Feed in Smart Slider


Once imported the template file for your slider, you can manage the settings for the dynamic feed at the ‘generator’ at the breadcrumb if the dynamic slide is open at Smart Slider.





Add Dynamic content to a slide

You can add a new dynamic slide by clicking on “add slide” in the Smart Slider project, then click on “dynamic slide”. In there click on “Wordpress” then choose: Custom – Posts (post). Choose the category you want displayed in your slider and edit the amount of slides you want at the bottom of the page.





We used custom fields to add extra content fields. We highlighted this fields with the most important specifications In the slider.
Learn how to add custom fields…



Use one of our Ready to Use Templates for Dynamic Content

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Go Pro with WP Screens


When you have tried the free versionof WP Screens and you like it 😉

You can buy a licence of WP Screens to add your logo, time, wheather or a newsfeed to your Digital Signage Channel.