WPScreens for customers

We help you to get WPScreens on your TV screen

WPScreens helps you set up a dynamic presentation, giving you a beautiful screen presentation whose content you can easily add and manage yourself.



The advantage of dynamic presentation with WPScreens is that you only have to ensure that your content is up to date to be able to show a nice presentation. You don’t have to design or set anything yourself. We build a management environment for you in which you only have to post content.​

What kind of content can you use for a dynamic WPScreens presentation?





Your Team


Products (or cars, houses etc.)



Custom Posts (we can help you to create a structure for your dynamic content)

How can we help you​?


Creating an environment to easily manage content

Creating beautiful templates for your TV screen

We can also display the newly created dynamic content on your website, so that you benefit twice as much from the system.

How we work together, in 5 steps:


1. Submit the quote request form.

2. Together we will find out which content we are going to make dynamic for you and send you a quote.

3. We create beautiful tailor-made templates for displaying your content.

4. We will create the first WPScreens presentation for you with a nice example of each template.

5. Yay! You can get started adding and managing your content yourself!

Don’t hesitate and request a quote!
Most WPScreens projects don’t take more than a few hours to create.


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